Client Testimonials

Regina is passionate about sharing the work that has helped her to process life experiences which are stored in our bodies at the cellular level. After a near fatal roll-over accident in 2014, she realized more deeply how this work helped her to rehabilitate so quickly and the importance of her continuing to offer these modalities to others  in the world. She has a gift that allows people to go deep into their bodies, mind and soul to process through stagnant energy and make changes in their lives. Underneath all that you have carried, you will discover the beauty of who you really are and who you are meant to be.      picture ~August 2014  

Regina brings a first-hand sensitivity to the complicated issues of physical, mental and emotional pain. After two spinal surgeries, the loss of a loved one and a divorce

propelled her into a period of suffering and addiction, Regina began her own healing journey. Regina sought out holistic and alternative therapies after the medical

community could no longer help her fully heal. She continues her own journey in recovery and brings this modality in to drug and alcohol detox and treatment

centers to help others.

Polarity and Cranial Sacral therapies are where she has found ongoing relief of living in chronic pain. Regina is acutely aware that our emotions and mental patterns directly affect the body at the physical and spiritual levels. She is eager to help others find hope, relief from pain on every level, inner peace, healing and self-empowerment to live a joyous, fulfilled life.                     picture~January 3, 2015   ​Firewalk  on 1200 degree coals

My mother was having trouble with sciatica. She's a tough critic but told me on several occasions that Regina was the most amazing practitioner she'd encountered. She encouraged me to go, and it's hard to express the movement I felt in my life emotionally, physically and spiritually after each session


About Regina

Thank you so much for your tremendous help with my energy and chronic back pain. Regina seems to get to the heart of the problem in minutes, helps you understand where you are, and how you can get better. I'm doing better than I have in four years!


I'd been suffering for three years with a shoulder injury that led to arm pain, back pain, inability to sleep at night and a three-year dependency on pain medications. This wreaked havoc on my family, social and business life and turned into depression and a feeling of hopelessness. Regina was very helpful in getting off all the medications and getting my life back to normal. Today, I am no longer on any pain or anti-depressant medications. I can't thank you enough.


Regina walks the labyrinth of life. She has traveled to Peru and Chile to work with native healers learning from their ancient traditions. Her Cherokee ancestry flows through in each sacred session. Regina honors where each person has been and the life they have experienced knowing that through the emotions and the body you will connect more deeply to every other part of your life.   Life happens, to everyone. Regina believes it is essential to continue doing her own personal work and grow so that she can be a clear vessel in service of others. Polarity is a life long journey.   Regina continues to study and blends knowledge with intuition for every client.

A softer way to heal body, mind and spirit.

​Pain is inevitable. Suffering is an option. 

Regina Shakespeare


Chakradance is a movement therapy Regina found after her accident. It has directly helped her to continually attune her chakras, energy centers that run along the spine, and move through restrictions, emotions, patterns and beliefs all while providing physical movement and rehabilitation at various levels. Regina knows if it has helped her, it will help someone else.  She became an Accredited Chakradance Facilitator in April 2015 and offers others the opportunity to experience this healing modality through her classes. It has been well received in drug and alcohol treatment centers.