Where bodywork meets counseling. Unique body treatments coupled with specialized communication gives you the opportunity to be empowered in your life. Our inner worlds are reflected outside of us. Releasing stagnant energy blocks and processing emotions provides relief from pain and suffering.

About Regina

Regina is a Board Certified Polarity Practition​er and Cranial Sacral Therapist. She provides a safe nurturing environment for you to become balanced in emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well being. Choose to heal and uncover more of who you are.

Regina Shakespeare

Body. Mind. ​Spirit.

Energy Medicine


Free form movement to highly specific resonating music to each chakra. Includes meditation and mandala soul art.  An inner journey reconnecting you to the whispers of your soul.

No experience required

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A softer way to heal body, mind and spirit.

​Pain is inevitable. Suffering is an option.